Zack Snyder reveals picture of Batman and Batmobile

Yesterday director Zack Snyder posted a teaser picture of the back of the Batmobile from his upcoming movie Batman vs Superman.

Today he went one further and posted this picture revealing the front of the Batmobile and our first glimpse at Ben Affleck as Batman.

Batman revealed


Looks like Snyder has stuck with the dark and moody feel of the excellent Nolan Batman films and Snyder’s own Man of Steel. I was initially sceptical of Ben Affleck being Batman, as apparently was the entire of the internet. Although I’m a fan of Affleck, though more as a director than actor, I thought he was perhaps too boyish looking to be the dark and frightening superhero that Batman is supposed to be but this picture has put my worries to rest. He looks fantastic.

The film is currently shooting and stars Henry Cavill alongside Ben Affleck and also Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Diane Lane, Jessie Eisenberg and Laurence Fishburn.

It is set for release on May 16th 2016. That suddenly feels far too long away.



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