‘Chucky 7’ is happening, confirms director Don Mancini


Back in December Child’s Play creator Don Mancini hinted that a seventh film was in the pipeline. The writer of all the Chucky films, and director of the last two films, took to Twitter to say: “To the fans who’ve asked questions about Alice and the end of Curse of Chucky, all will be answered in part 7”. There has been nothing said since.

However, Collider were on the red carpet at last weeks Saturn Awards, and they caught up with Mancini, along with Chucky voice Brad Douriff, and his daughter Fiona (who starred in the excellent Cure of Chucky).

Firstly they spoke of the lack of comedy, so to speak, in the last instalment in the franchise, and how things got quite dark in the superb Curse of Chucky:

“You know, the ongoing quest to keep making a living doing this. It had been a few years since the last one. We had spent a few years doing comedy versions of this idea and felt we had tapped that out. And we were ready and the fans had been telling us that they were ready for this to go back to its straight-up horror roots. So that’s what we wanted to do, was make a movie for the fans. And we wanted to build a nostalgia factor into it, which is why I wanted to have Brad [Dourif] in it physically as well as the voice of Chucky, cause I thought that would be a nice valentine to all the fans who have supported us for the last quarter-of-a-fucking century”

Curse of Chucky was an incredible horror feature, and fans loved it, and deep down we all know there is going to be a sequel, but we are still waiting on that to be confirmed. However, Mancini let the cat out of the bag big time when talking to Collider:

COLLIDER: Is there a follow up to Curse of Chucky in the works? Will it follow the new, darker tone?

MANCINI: I am working on Chucky 7, yes.

FIONA DOURIF: Wow, he said it.

Is it going to take that darker path that Curse did?

MANCINI: Yes, it continues quite quickly on the last movie and Chucky bedevils [Fiona’s] character again.

So [Fiona] you’re back for seventh, can we say?

FIONA DOURIF: Apparently?

You haven’t signed a contract yet, so.

MANCINI: It’s all early days for all of us, I’ve probably said too much.

This is excellent news, so we await further details. To read the full interview and watch the video, head on over to Collider.

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