Frank Darabont to direct Snow White & The Huntsman spin-off, ‘The Huntsman’


When Snow White and The Huntsman was released back in 2012, the film was set to be the beginning of a trilogy, with the next two films focusing on The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), and lastly Ravenna the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron). The film, directed by Rupert Sanders, took almost $400 million at the global box office, so is considered a success.

However, the news of star Kristen Stewart having an affair with the director plagued the film, and Sanders stepped away from directing what was due to be the sequel. A short while ago The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist) was in talks to direct, and now those talks have turned into negotiations, and the next film is beginning to sound very promising.

Universal are now calling the sequel a spin-off, and as originally planned, it will focus on Chris Hemsworth’s character The Huntsman, and will see Hemsworth return. Charlize Theron is also set to return as Ravenna.

However, most shocking is that Stewart may not even appear in the film. Sources tells Variety that if Stewart does play a part in the film, it will likely be a small cameo.

Universal are said to be eyeing a 2016 release for The Huntsman, with filming expected to begin next year.

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