Horror films in the works: Jeffrey Reddick’s ‘Dead Awake’ and Akiva Goldsman to direct ‘Stephanie’



Two very exciting horror features are in the pipeline, and we have the details right here for you!

Dead Awake:

Have you ever suffered from sleep paralysis? It is the awful moment when you are asleep (or awake?) and for some god forsaken reason you cannot move, and no matter how hard you try, even to move a finger, it is exhausting work and can be quite frightening. I have had this trauma many times, and once I was even floating to my ceiling, looking down on myself and it was horrible. They say that when this paralysis occurs, it is thanks to a Demon being sat on your chest, creepy!

A new horror film is now on the works that will focus on this sleep disorder.

Final Destination creator Jeff Reddick has written the film, titled Dead Awake, and Bloody Disgusting report that Austin-based Incendiary Features has purchased the rights to the film. Incendiary Features is led by director Phillip Guzman and producer James LaMarr, the deal is said to be worth six figures.

Guzman is set to direct the film, with production set to begin in Central Texas this Autumn.

Sleep paralysis is a terrifying and universal phenomenon with a rich mythology that dates back to biblical times,” Reddick told BD. “It’s an original and mature horror story. I know Phillip’s directing style and strong vision will give people nightmares for years to come. This script has been a passion project for a long time.”

Guzman adds: “I am thrilled about making a horror film that has never been done. Once I read Jeffrey’s skillfully crafted story, I made it my personal mission to make this movie. It’s a serious tale based on a chilling actual condition, but still has all the excitement and scares you’d expect from a genre picture.”

LaMarr promises that the film will feature a “strong female character that anchors this movie.”





Akiva Goldsman, director of A New York Winter’s Tale, is set to step behind the camera for a new horror film called Stephanie. No stranger to the genre, Goldsman has produced Paranormal Activity 2,3 and 4, and also films like I Am Legend, Deep Blue Sea and Constantine. He will work with Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions on Stephanie, and Deadline revealed the details.

Akiva Goldsman is stepping behind the camera again, this time to bring a horror film to the big screen with Stephanie — a story about a little girl with unworldly abilities who was abandoned before a man and a woman show up claiming to be her parents, thereby interrupting her mysterious world. A fall start is being eyed.

Along with Blumhouse, Unbroken and The Gotham Group are producing Stephanie. Jason Blum has a deal with Universal so the pic may go through there. The film was written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, whose script for this film a couple of years ago was noted as one of the best in The Blood List, which (in the vein of the Black List) names the best yet-unproduced scripts in the horror genre. The writers are relative newcomers currently making a bit of a splash having just scripted a film for director Luc Besson based on one of his original ideas (Underground for Besson’s EuropaCorp.)

Also producing is Matt Kaplan through Chapter One (both he and Blum are repped by CAA); Adrienne Biddle is producing and Bryan Bertino is exec producing for Unbroken (repped by UTA); and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein is producing and Eric Robinson and Nate Matteson are exec producers for The Gotham Group (repped by CAA).


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