There were rumours of this unfortunate news when James Cameron’s Titanic was brought back to theaters for a special 3D re-release, though nothing concrete was said. However, horrormovies.ca tells us that earlier today in the US of A, James Cameron was at a special screening of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day as part of the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival. Between the showing of the two films, James Cameron took to the stage to talk about the films creation with LA Times film writer Rebecca Keegan and to answer questions from the audience. During the Q&A, someone in the audience asked Cameron about the 3D re-release of his second Terminator science fiction actioner.

Since the first film had just been shown, Cameron briefly mentioned that The Terminator would not be a film he “would want to give the 3D treatment too as it would require substantial work to improve the effects“. As for Terminator 2, he feels that “the special effects of that film have aged well and could blend with 3D technology”. It just seems like they’re trying to work out a marketing strategy. James Cameron used China as an example of why they might bring it back, saying that China never got to see the film in theaters and the film market is now really big in that country.

I can’t say have any desire to see this. Like Titanic, it wasn’t even shot in 3D in the first place. Cameron’s Avatar is regarded as one of the few films that really benefits from the format, though it only worked for me in some of the scenes involving computer effects. People still often looked like cardboard cut-outs and didn’t look like they were part of the backgrounds. Until they perfect 3D, I will remain skeptical of it. As I will regarding Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 3D, as Cameron is currently hard at work [I wonder if he’ll pay a bit more attention to the scripts this time?] on the Avatar sequels. However, there is a new Terminator film in the works, and the 25th Anniversary of Terminator 2 coming in 2016….

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