It seems that John Cleese, who played ‘Q’ in the oo7 films The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day, isn’t too fond of the Daniel Craig efforts, though I wonder if it’s partly because he was replaced in the role he essayed in 1997 and 2002. In an interview with the Radio Times, Cleese said:

“I did two James Bond movies and then I believe that they decided that the tone they needed was that of the Bourne action movies, which are very gritty and humourless. Also, the big money was coming from Asia, from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, where the audiences go to watch the action sequences, and that’s why in my opinion the action sequences go on for too long, and it’s a fundamental flaw. The audiences in Asia are also not going for the subtle British humour or the class jokes.”

If you’re the sort that doesn’t like really long action scenes, then you can criticise the Pierce Brosnan Bonds [remember that endless pre-credits boat chase in The World Is Not Enough?] just as much. As for his other complaints, I would say that the humour in Bond was rarely subtle  anyway, and there are jokes in the Craig films, just not as  many as in some of the earlier films. The Bourne films did influence Quantum Of Solace to poor effect, and I remain of the opinion that Skyfall is very overrated,  but it’s still a worthy Bond film, and Casino Royale was just superb. I can’t help thinking that it’s now time for a silly, fantastical, jokey Bond film though…..

Monty Python begin their London residency at the O2 Arena in July, the final date of which will be broadcast live on UK television.

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