New ‘Friday the 13th’ movie being shot in 3D?


Yesterday we revealed that Paramount had pushed back Paranormal Activity 5 from October this year to some time in 2016, but we also discovered that Hansel and Gretel 2, Star Trek 3 and Transformers 5 have all been granted a release in 2016. The news came from Paramounts announcements at CineEurope.

However, hidden amongst all the info was that the new Friday the 13th movie, due for release on Friday the 13th November 2015, will be released in 3D. The first time Jason Vorhees dabbled in 3D was in 1982’s Friday the 13th Part III, which also happened to be the first film Jason put on the iconic hockey mask.

In a report by THR on Paramounts announcement, they stated:

“That marked the end of the clips and showreels before the screening of Transformers, with Ryan first listing a host of upcoming big-budget projects planned for the remainder of 2015, including Terminator: Genesis, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the robot assassin; Friday the 13th in 3D; and Mission Impossible 5, directed by Chris McQuarrie and starring Tom Cruise”

So yeah, just thrown in there that the new Friday the 13th movie will be 3D!

David Bruckner (The Signal, VHS segment Amateur Night) is STILL in negotiations to direct the latest trip to Camp Crystal Lake, but should he take the job, then I am sure horror fans will be extremely pleased.

There have been rumours of the reboot heading down the found footage angle, but last I heard that was not going to happen, which is a shame because I thought that might be a cool gimmick. However, with Bruckner possibly directing, and after his superb segment for the found footage horror anthology VHS, maybe the handheld camera idea may surface again?

Producer Brad Fuller gave an update on Friday the 13th earlier this year, and when asked about the found footage idea, he neither confirmed or denied it. Here is what he told Crave Online:

Crave: Is found footage the angle you’re trying to take?

Fuller: It’s something that we’re looking at, yeah. I never know because it depends on the story and what the story is. It’s been reported, that’s something that we’re looking into but I can’t tell you definitively that that’s what the movie is.

Why do you think so many Friday the 13th fans are against the idea of combining it with found footage?

Well, I can understand that. The Purge was a little bit of a found footage movie. We have a movie called Welcome to Yesterday that’s a found footage movie. I’m well acquainted with some very loud members of the audience who hate found footage and I understand that. I think for us it’s more about what the story is and what’s the best way to tell it. Until we figure out exactly what the story is for the next Friday the 13th movie, I can’t tell you what it’s going to be.

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