New Line acquires Jason Blum produced found footage horror ‘Superstition’


It has been eight years since New Line Cinema last bought rights to a film, and that was La Vie en Rose out of Cannes in 2006. Usually New Line prefer to make their own films, but THR has announced that they have acquired rights to a new found footage horror called Superstition.

Said to be similar to I Know What You Did Last Summer, but with a found footage twist, the horror feature is produced by the King of low budget fright features, Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, Sinister, The Purge). New Line are looking to release the film in 2016.


Sources say New Line beat out a bevy of suitors that included Relativity and Lionsgate for the rights to distribute the film. The high school-set horror movie also marks the first feature-length film financed by Film 360, the film production arm of Management 360.

The project appeared on Management 360’s radar when first-time directors Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff posted rough footage from Superstition on YouTube, where manager Dean Schnider stumbled upon it. Impressed with the story and execution, Film 360 took the project to microbudget maestro Jason Blum as something they could team up on to finance. The Fresno-based directors then shot the film on a microbudget with an unknown cast.

New Line’s Dave Neustadter screened the finished film in early May and brought it to the attention of Carolyn Blackwood, executive vp strategy and operations at New Line.

“It’s a genre we have a great affinity for, and our team is particularly skilled at sizing up what will work with a youth-oriented audience,” Blackwood tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Superstition was special because it gives us the opportunity to work with these young filmmakers who could be the next James Wan and to be in business with Jason.”

Film 360’s Schnider, Guymon Casady and Ben Forkner are producing Superstition alongside Blum, while Blumhouse’s Couper Samuelson is executive producing.

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