I can’t say I’m happy about yet another reboot of an old favourite, but 20th Century Fox seems intent on returning to the Predator franchise nonetheless. The 1987 original led to a 1990 sequel, which I consider highly underrated, two mediocre Aliens Vs. Predator movies, and a semi-remake in 2010 which failed to grab audiences. In fact, only the first movie was a major commercial hit, but this isn’t apparently stopping Fox from trying again. Boo!!!!

Well, there’s one spot of good news concerning this. Top scriptwriter Shane Black [Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang] is poised to pen the treatment for the Predator reboot, which he will then hand over to Fred Dekker while Black directs. and is also attached to direct. The two did a similar thing back in 1987 with The Monster Squad, which they both wrote and Dekker directed, and that turned out very well [though is also getting remade!].. Black showed he was perfectly good at big budget blockbusters with Iron Man 3, which he wrote and directed, so maybe there is hope for the Predator remake after all.

This won’t be made right away though, as Black is busy working on his 1930s pulp adaptation Doc Savage [which was made into a weak film in 1978], and is also developing a 1970s crime film called The Nice Guys, maybe to star Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.


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