In the two years since Lincoln, Spielberg seems to have had a break, something that was possibly just as well considering how poor Lincoln was. Now though it seems as if he’s back on the road to productivity, and it seems like he’s going to make two films, one of which will be made directly after the other.

Steven Spielberg’s Untitled Cold War Thriller, as it is currently known, will star Tom Hanks as the real-life James Donovan, an attorney who attempted to negotiate the release of Gary Powers, a POW who crashed over Russia and was held hostage by the Russian government in 1960. We don’t yet know anything else about it, though I’m thinking something in the style of the fine Munich. Spielberg and Hanks have of course worked several times previously before. Its current release date is October 16th, 2015,

It’s believed Spielberg will go straight from the Cold War thriller to The BFG [as in Big Friendly Giant], more of an audience-friendly blockbuster. Based on a Roald Dahl book, with a script by E.T. The Extra Terrestrial writer Melissa Matheson, this is something that Spielberg has mentioned several times before. The film is reportedly going to get a 4th Of July weekend opening date, but I’m not sure that Spielberg is as good at this sort of thing as he used to, nor as popular doing it. Just think of the Tintin movie. And what’s happening with Robopocalypse?

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