The Dead 1 & 2 director to helm vigilante thriller ‘Never Let Go’


Howard J. Ford is the man co-responsible for two of the most exciting and ambitious zombies features of the last decade, The Dead and its sequel, The Dead 2: India (both films made with his brother Jonathan). Naturally, whatever the director eyes as his next project is going to have us very excited, and Deadline have revealed exactly what his next film will be.

Titled Never Let Go, the female vigilante thriller is said to be like Taken and The Bourne Identity meets Run Lola Run, so with comparisons dto such superb films, Never Let Go sounds extremely interesting.

Deadline describes the film as:

The plot follows an American single mother on vacation in a beautiful but unfamiliar land who takes the law into her own hands when her child is abducted. As her quest for justice continues, her political connections back in the U.S. raise the stakes higher than at first glance.

Ford is in preproduction casting for a female lead who can fill the role. “We need a gem of an actress who can pull off this part,” said Ford. “There is so much talent out there — and in my view not enough strong female leads — and so I want to find the absolute peak of this talent and bring it to the screen in a role that would challenge the very best screen actors.”

Filming is set to begin in September in Morocco and other locations.

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