Outspoken comics creator Alan Moore is known for decrying adaptations of his own work. Now, it seems he’s moaning about a film which is based on somebody else’s material. Bleeding Cool reports that Moore is defending the work of long-time friend Steve Moore (no relation) whose Hercules: The Thracian War comics inspired the Bret Ratner-directed movie Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson, which is due to hit theaters this Friday. Steve Moore passed away earlier this year, and so his dear friend Alan Moore has decided to speak up about how the comic writer was mistreated in the book’s adaptation, and what he urges people to do, or rather not to do.

“I would also ask that anybody out there who gives a damn about Steve Moore or his legacy not go to see this wretched film. It is the last thing that Steve would’ve wanted. And I cannot un-recommend it too highly or anybody involved in it. I think it is absolutely shameful, however, there are also more positive elements of Steve’s legacy.”

Alan Moore says that Steve only found out about Hercules a few months before his death, which jars with the fact that the Hercules: The Thracian War distributor Radical Comics sold the rights back in 2009. Alan says that Steve had had a number of conflicts with the company over the years, and told him that he eventually discovered that his contract with Radical Comics promised him no involvement or money if a movie should be made adapting his comics. Steve was relieved, as he heard the film was taking major liberties with his dedicatedly researched comic. When Steve died last March, Alan was shocked to see the Hercules movie mentioned in several of his obituaries. He goes on to accuse the filmmakers of exploiting Steve Moore’s death for “free advertising.”, saying:

Now, I know that when before I have suggested that the comics industry may have treated Steve Moore less than fairly, or even less than humanely in the past, this has excited a flurry of complaints that I am surely old, paranoid, and crazy, which I may well be. However, in this instance, I suggest that people simply look at the publicity for this film before and after Steve Moore’s death.”

Interesting. I’m certainly still going to see Hercules, which, while maybe not the Hercules film I’ve waiting for, sounds tons better than the one that came out a few months ago…

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