Comic-Con: ‘Ant-Man’ first footage described, Evangeline Lilly & Corey Stoll join cast, Edgar Wright discussed


Quite a lot of new came from Marvel’s Ant-Man panel at Comic-Con, and while there was confirmations of two new names joining the cast, talk very quickly switched to Edgar Wright’s exit. A lot of this is covered in the below videos, but most exciting was the footage shown from the film, which apparently had angry Wright fans forgetting that their beloved director had left.

Here is how SlashFilm described the exciting footage:

The clip opens on a science lab. In contrast to the super-sleek ones we’ve seen at, say, Wayne Enterprises or Stark Industries, this one looks older and smaller, almost homey. The camera moves around the room, showing various flasks and vials, a jar with moving ants inside, and Ant-Man’s famous helmet.

Meanwhile, we hear Scott Lang and Hank Pym’s voices over the scene. Lang sounds hesitant: “Dr. Pym, you seem nice, but…” Eventually, he gets to the point: “I’m not a superhero.”

Pym makes it clear he doesn’t hold superheroes in high esteem to begin with. “You’re not an egomaniac,” he agrees. “Superheroes, what a goddamn joke.” Pym continues confidently over Lang’s protests. “I think someone already shrunk your balls,” he says. “It’s a small job.”

The video then cuts to a city at night, with flashing lights and tall buildings in the background. We see a tiny figure in the Ant-Man suit, running across a rooftop. It’s Scott, and we can hear him speaking to Hank remotely. It sounds like Scott is on his first adventure, and Hank is instructing him in what to do.

A flying insect flies toward Scott and he tries to get on, but the damn thing won’t budge. Hank tells Scott to just jump, so Scott launches himself off the building… and he’s immediately caught by a flying ant. Scott rides it through a vent, as other insects follow. “Okay. I got this,” Scott says.



Marvel President Kevin Feige also spoke about Ant-Man, and confirmed two more names have joined the cast (after the three names who left over the weekend)


Feige said that Corey Stoll will now be playing the films villain, Darren Cross AKA The Yellow Jacket. Cross was formerly mentored by Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), but Cross takes their technology in a direction Pym does not agree with, and eventually gets his hands on Pym’s particles, which allows him to create the Yellow Jacket.

Feige said:

“Corey brings depth to every role he plays. As a major part of the Ant-Man ensemble, we all wanted an actor who could be both cunning and sympathetic, and help create a character as dynamic as Marvel’s best antagonists.”


Evangeline Lilly has also been confirmed as Pym’s daughter Hope Van Dyne. Comic fans may recognize the similarity to the name Janet Van Dyne, the daughter of a prominent scientist who was a contemporary of Pym’s and eventually took on the mantle of the Wasp.

Feige confirmed:

We’ve been fans of Evangeline for years, and couldn’t be more pleased that she’s agreed to join us on Ant-Man’s journey to the big screen. We look forward to audiences learning more about her character when she joins forces with Hank Pym and Scott Lang in 2015.”

Star Paul Rudd and new director Peyton Reed spoke later backstage about Edgar Wright’s departure, but were clearly unable to reveal their honest thoughts:

“It was pretty bumpy for sure and I was really sad about it,” Rudd said of the Ant-Man situation, noting that Wright is his friend and he still talks to him almost every day. “That being said, I love where we’re at now and [the movie has] opened up and grown in a new exciting way.”

“While it wasn’t terra ferma there for a while, my enthusiasm and passion is certainly there for where we’re at now and what Peyton’s going to do. I’m excited about this new direction,” Rudd added. “So many new aspects have come on to it, but It’s still Edgar and Joe [Cornish’s] story,” Rudd said for those curious about how much the script has changed. “But we’ve added a lot of different things to it.”

“It’s definitely evolved,” Peyton Reed acknowledged. “There’s some new character stuff that didn’t exist before, and also some subtle thing that bring it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s still very much the DNA of what Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish wrote”

For more on peoples thoughts about Ant-Man, check out the below videos.




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