Here’s how they created that ‘Scanners’ exploding head, crystal clear?


Ah Scanners, forever remembered as the sci-fi horror with THAT exploding head. But how did the makers pull it off I hear you ask?

Well, the answer is here dear friends, and the below video will tell you exactly how David Cronenberg’s special effects team pulled off something never seen before in cinemas, a man’s head exploding, but with very little camera cutaways so it actually looked real!

Today’s movie fan may not appreciate the effort and genius that goes into this shot, but I remember it, and I remember being floored by its brilliance and creativity.

If you thought that David Cronenberg’s exploding head in Scanners was a work of genius, then check out the below video which is part of the new US Blu-Ray release for the film. It;s fascinating!


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