The Soska Sisters to direct a new adaptation of ‘Painkiller Jane’


Exploding on to the horror scene in 2009 with Dead Hooker in a Trunk, The Soska Sisters (Jen and Sylvia, above in American Mary) are well known among the indie horror crowd. While Dead Hooker showed a glimpse of the writing, directing, producing and acting skills of The Twisted Twins, it was American Mary, released last year starring Katharine Isabelle, which pushed the Soska’s from Indie horror darling to indie horror Queens.

Everyone in horror knows of them now, and genre fans are very excited to see their now completed sequel, See No Evil 2. The twins also provide a segment for The ABCs of Death 2, are currently filming Vendetta and have also announced XX as their next directing venture. However, the busy sisters like to keep busy, and have just announced another project, although this moves away from horror, but will still keep their keen eye for violence and nasty stuff!

THR reported that The Soska Sisters have signed on to direct a feature length adaptation of the comic book Painkiller Jane. The SyFy channel aired a made-for-TV movie adaptation in 2005 with Emmanuelle Vaugier as the heroine. That was followed in 2007 with a series, this time with Kristanna Loken in the title role. Now The Soska’s plan to bring their unique madness to the story in a feature length action thriller movie, which could see the Twins cross over to the big leagues.

The comic Painkiller Jane was created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada, who will both produce the film.

Jane centers on the titular heroine, a cop, who, along with with her best friend and partner, goes undercover into an interconnected drug ring. When her identity is exposed, Jane is tortured, which leaves her with preternatural regenerating abilities and a high tolerance for pain.

More as it develops.


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