The Thing, Road House, Point Break and Bill & Ted Screenings in Manchester During July and August 2014


The sun is out and shining across Manchester and to bring the awesome long evenings to a close are those fine people at Grimm Up North who have a selection of screenings on this July 2014.

First up on the 17th July is the final screening in the John Carpenter season, and it’s of one of the greatest sci-fi horrors – THE THING. The screening will also feature a video introduction for the film from the man himself, John Carpenter!

The Thing screening begins at 8pm at The Dancehouse, Oxford Road in Manchester, with doors opening at 7.30pm. Tickets for £6.50 each and can be purchased here.

The Thing follows a group of scientists at an arctic research station who discover an alien spacecraft under the thick ice, and thaw out the alien body found aboard. What they don’t know is that the alien can assume any human form, and before long the scientists can’t tell who’s real and who’s a deadly alien threat.

Kurt Russell leads the battle against the terrifying intruder, and the supporting cast includes Richard Masur, Richard Dysart, Donald Moffat, and Wilford Brimley. John Carpenter’s The Thing is both a remake of Howard Hawks’ 1951 film of the same name and a re-adaptation of the John W. Campbell Jr. story “Who Goes There?” on which it was based. Carpenter’s film is more faithful to Campbell’s story than Hawks’ version and also substantially more reliant on special effects, provided in abundance by a team of over 40 technicians, including veteran creature-effects artists Rob Bottin and Stan Winston.


Sunday 27th July 2014 marks the first of Grimm’s R.A.D. screenings – Retro and Dangerous to you and me! – which are dedicated to bringing Manchester the best in explosive, awesome and old school cinema; with totally excellent double bills. R.A.D is all about delivering the Raddest of Retro Vibes, Iconic one liners and fist pumping amazing cinema!

On the Sunday 27th July 2014, get ready for the PATRICK SWAYZE DOUBLE BILL with ROAD HOUSE and POINT BREAK at Gorilla, on Whitworth Street in Manchester. Doors open at 4pm with a 5pm start, with tickets costing £8 in advance, which you can purchase here.
Road House:
Patrick Swayze stars in the Retro classic Roadhouse as Dalton: a handsome, existential, hard as nails bouncer who owns both a degree in philosophy and a Mercedes. When arriving at his latest job, at the roughest spot in Missouri, The Double Deuce, Dalton crosses Wesley, the Don of the town who soon makes life more difficult for the legendary doorman. What ensues is a barrage of small town explosions, totally manly montage sequences and perhaps the greatest fight scene of all time.

Point Break:
A rash of daring bank robberies erupt in which the bad guys all wear the masks of former presidents. Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), a superbly named former football star who blew out his knee and became a studly crime-busting fed instead, figures out that none of the heists occur during surfing season and all of them occur when surf’s down; so these robberies are totally done by some wave shredding foes. Utah goes undercover with some surfer dudes, led by Spiritual Guru Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), over the course of this cinematic masterpiece Keanu & Swayze former a close bond after super babe Tyler (Lori Petty) teaches Utah how to surf waves like a pro. Utah & Bodhi’s bromance comes under threat when Utah starts to suspect that Bodhi and his pals are the Presidentially masked gang he’s been pursuing all along! A RAD cinematic Bromance masterpiece.


This will be followed by the second R.A.D. screening on the 10th August 2014 at Gorilla, where you’ll get to see the BILL AND TED’S BOGUS DOUBLE BILL, with special excellent Twister Competition between films! Tickets are available at £8 here with the screening beginning at 5pm at Gorilla, Manchester.

Join us for a totally bodacious double bill journey through time, space and awesomeness with Bill S. Preston Esquire (Alex Winters) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) as they travel through time saving the world with the likes of excellent historical figures like Socrates, Beethoven, Napoleon and Ghengis Khan all whilst meeting some super babes and saving the most important band in history, Wyld Stallyns in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

Next up is Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey where our heroes find themselves super dead and replaced by two totally not Rad evil clones who intend to kidnap the babes and change the future that the Wyld Stallyn’s have built for Jim Martin, Rufus & friends. Only through some intense games of Twister & Battleships with the Grim Reaper will Bill & Ted manage to save the world, reunite Wyld Stallyns in time for the battle of the bands and most importantly rescue the babes from the clutches of evil!

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