Universal looking to reboot all their classic monsters, with Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan taking charge


Ask any horror fan about great old school horror flicks, and chances are at least one of Universal’s classic horror films and creatures will get mentioned. Universal brought us Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Creature Of The Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, Bride Of Frankenstein, and The Mummy, and now finally the studio is looking to really revitalise their monsters, properly this time.

Over the years there has been the odd reboot, like the disastrous Van Helsing, the child friendly The Mummy trilogy and more recently The Wolfman starring Benicio del Toro, but Universal are now wanting to really go for rebooting their classic monsters series, and have put Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan in charge, according to Deadline.

Per Deadline:

The studio is in early stages of developing a substantial new production endeavor that will expand and unify a network of classic characters and stories. The architects of that narrative will be Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. Kurtzman recently broke with partner Roberto Orci, but his big-scale projects have included Transformers, Star Trek and The Amazing Spider-Man. Morgan is the writer behind five installments of The Fast And The Furious, which has been Universal’s most reliably lucrative franchise.

It has not been confirmed whether Kurtzman and Morgan will write, produce or direct, but at this stage the plan is to go about enlisting talent to being the Universal monsters into the modern day of horror, and Universal have even likened their plans to that of Marvel with Disney. I believe the plan is to link the films in some way, and not just make stand-alone films.

Kurtzman and Morgan begun the meetings to put together an interconnected slate of Monster films, and the first will be a reboot of The Mummy, which will be released April 22, 2016. Part of their duty will be to work closely with production, marketing, promotions and consumer product to support the revival. They will also reevaluate projects which have preexisting attachments, and bring it under one cohesive strategy.

Last year before the writing pair split, Kurtzman and Orci had been tapped by Universal to revitalise their classic monsters, and even though Orci is now no longer involved, here is what he said last year on the idea:

“There’s an interesting thing that could happen at Universal where they have this amazing library of their old monsters and these kinds of heroes, and the idea of trying to create a universe. [We’re doing] Van Helsing, and we’re also producing The Mummy for them. We’re kind of imagining updating these kinds of things. You don’t want to just make remakes when you’re doing a thing, unless it’s worthy of being a remake, but when you have an idea for something that can actually be made different and yet be true to what it was. We just had a notion of how to make it modern and have a slightly different tone. It’s not going to be just a remake”


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