‘Godzilla 2’ release date confirmed!!!


Gareth Edwards conquered the world with his impressive adaptation of Godzilla, and after opening in the US with a mighty $93.2 million, Warner Brothers quickly announced that a sequel would indeed be on the way.

While some complained that there simply was not enough Godzilla in the movie, I personally loved it and considering this was only Edwards’ second feature length film, I think he did a pretty fantastic job. Hopefully the sequel will feature a little more Godzilla action than the first film, and we now have a date of when we will find that out.

Warner Brothers and Legendary have confirmed that Godzilla 2 will stomp into cinemas on 8th June 2018. Four years is a long long time to wait for a sequel, but with Edwards’ once again directing, I am positive it will be worth the wait.

Edwards is currently gearing up to direct one of the Star Wars spin-offs, so naturally he has a lot of work to do before he can begin working on Godzilla.

Thankfully though, we already have an idea of just how many monsters might be in the sequel thanks to Legendary head Thomas Tull. At Comic-Con last month, he teased fans with some videos of what they were hoping to have in the Godzilla sequel. Tull teased fans with images of Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah, and you can read more about that here.

Godzilla has already grossed $508 million worldwide, making a follow-up something of an inevitability. Legendary financed 75% of Godzilla’s $160 million budget, with Warner providing the rest and the companies splitting marketing costs.

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