I Am Legend writer to pen script for ‘The Ring 3D’?


A third film in the US version of the Ringu series is on the way, and the film will be in 3D, with F. Javier Gutierrez directing.

It has now been confirmed by Deadline that Akiva Goldsman is in talks to write the script for the horror sequel. Goldsman has delved slightly into the darker side of cinema in the past, with films like I Am Legend, I Robot, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. He has also written some episodes of the brilliant TV series Fringe.

However, also in his resume are films like Practical Magic, Batman and Robin and Lost in Space. He does make up for this with the excellent A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, and he also penned the screenplay for this years A New York Winter’s Tale. Is he up for writing a film like Ring 3? Probably not, but in all honesty, I don’t want another US Ring film anyway.

The Ring threequel is being produced by Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. It’s the latest installment of the $400M-grossing horror franchise first launched stateside by Gore Verbinski in 2002 with The Ring and its sequel The Ring 2, both starring Naomi Watts as a woman caught in the clutches of a cursed video tape.

The Japanese original Ringu, directed by Hideo Nakata and adapted from the novel by Koji Suzuki, spawned its own series of prequel/sequels and spin-off films and led a wave of J-horror Hollywood remakes throughout the 2000s. Gutiérrez earned genre cred on the international scene with his shorts Brazil and La habitacion de Norman, followed by his 2008 debut feature Before the Fall (Tres días). He’s repped by WME, manager Dan Farah, and attorney Stephen Clark.

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