Jane Levy says ‘Evil Dead’ sequel may never happen


When a reboot of Sam Raimi’s classic horror Evil Dead was announced, fans were up in arms that such a beloved, groundbreaking film was getting the remake treatment. However, every now and then a remake comes along which actually works, and thankfully director Fede Alvarez (with a little help from Raimi and Bruce Campbell) delivered a mighty reboot which delighted fans.

Fans were so happy that they have been crying out for a sequel ever since, and personally I would love to see a follow up made. There has been all kinds of talk of an Evil Dead 2, and even a sequel to Army of Darkness, with rumours of the two films coming together for a sixth film. Those plans, however, appear to have been teases as Raimi and Campbell announced at Comic-Con a few weeks ago that they were now planning on creating a TV series of the Evil Dead.

So what about the sequel to Alvarez’ film?

When talking to ArrowInThe Head recently, star of Alvarez’ reboot Jane Levy put a bit of a downer on fans seeing a new film any time soon.

“I don’t think they’re gonna make it,” she said. “I mean, they’re always coming up with a new thing – now I hear they’re making a TV show. I was like, what? [Laughs] I think they just like exciting their fans and confusing them. I honestly don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be an Evil Dead 2 anytime soon. At least, not with me in it.”

You have to agree that we are constantly being teased on all things Evil Dead, and while Levy’s comments are very upsetting, we can all still hold out hope for a sequel. However, sequel or no sequel, the TV series should be awesome!

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