Michael Myers will kill again in ‘Halloween: The Next Chapter’


A year or so back, a new Halloween film titled Halloween 3D was being scripted by Todd Farmer (My Bloody Valentine, The Messengers, Drive Angry) and Patrick Lussier (Terminator: Genisys, Drive Angry), but that idea has been cancelled.

However, fear not Michael Myers fans because according to SchmoesKnow, a new Halloween film is most definitely on the way. The site reports that a script for what appears to be called Halloween: The Next Chapter, will be handed in to Dimension Films in the Autumn of 2015, yet the writers have not been named.

The site confirms that trusted sources have confirmed the script for Halloween: The Next Chapter is being written.

So what does The Next Chapter mean?

Well the site reports that the new Halloween movie will not be a direct follow up to Rob Zombie’s reboots, yet the film will not be a reboot either. It is said to be a “continuation” of Zombie’s reboots, but not a direct sequel to them, so it is unclear exactly what this new Halloween film will be covering.

It sounds to me like they should try and branch out and start something new, and the title certainly suggests a new approach.

Saying that though, star of both of Zombie’s reboots, Scout Taylor-Compton, did confirm through Twitter that she would be back for a new Halloween film. Trouble is we have no idea what the new film will be covering in terms of the films story and timeline.

I would expect much more on this as the story develops.

For God’s sake though, no origin story, let’s just have an ultra violent, frightening Halloween film to please fans shall we?

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  1. IT might be better if Michael Myers was killed off from the Halloween franchise altogether and go in the original direction of Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch and make the new Halloween series an Anthology film series and at least be able for the series to have a film put out every Year or so and have not be tied down to the Michael Myers character, as good as the characters films were.

  2. I think it’d be too late in the series’ lifespan to play with the format too much. But also too early for yet another reboot. Seems to me like the purpose is to make a sequel that can ignore zombie’s backing story and the way it screwed with some characters.

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