Peter Stormare joins Bruce Campbell in fantasy horror ‘Welcome to Purgatory’


Peter Stormare is an actor who is guaranteed to add some weight ans brilliance to any film, and put him in a villainous role and you have yourself a perfect bad guy. He oozes darkness, and if you don’t believe me then check out his awesome performances in films like Fargo, 8mm, The Last Stand, Constantine, 2001 Maniacs and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters to name a few.

The Swedish born actor is now set to bring his talents to a new fantasy horror, and even more exciting is the fact he will be sharing the screen with horror legend Bruce Campbell.

Stormare joins the cast of Welcome to Purgatory as Lucius, one of the films main antagonists.

Last week it was confirmed that both Bruce Campbell and James Buckley (The Inbetweeners) had joined the cast.

While Campbell’s role has not been confirmed, Buckley will Luke, a petty thief who doesn’t have much luck, even in the Afterlife. Along with his partner-in-crime, Charlie (Stephen Marcus), they try to make the best of every bad situation in Purgatory, but with little success.

The film, from Cupsogue Pictures, also stars Jillian Murray, Nathan Jones, Jack O’Halloran and Stephen Marcus, and will film at Pinewood Studios ahead of a theatrical release in 2015.

Producers are Tony Cook and Gene Fallaize for Cupsogue Pictures. Writers are Marcus Ako and Tony Cook. Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead) also producers.

Welcome to Purgatory will be directed by Gene Fallaize.


Imagine you are dead, and you wake up in Purgatory to find that Heaven and Hell have both been destroyed, with scattered portions of Paradise and Hell all over Purgatory. This is Purgatory, which follows 5 characters – Taylor, Danni, Willis, Guardian Paul, and Nina – as they navigate this fresh vision of the Afterlife. They find Limbo in the state it’s in because in the on-going war between Good and Evil, a disillusioned Angel in Heaven compromises the security of Heaven. After a group of fallen Angels attack, Heaven is destroyed. Archangel Raphael – protector of Heaven – makes it his personal mission to destroy Hell, which he promptly does. Heaven and Hell are now both destroyed, letting loose all the Angels, Saints, souls, Demons, hellish and heavenly creatures to run free within the middle-ground. With Purgatory being in such disarray, our 5 main characters go in search of the elusive Holy Temple, God’s very own domain, but just because they are already dead doesn’t mean they cannot feel pain or be killed again. All the rules of the Afterlife have been broken, both pain and pleasure can be experienced, and death here may not be final, but it leads directly to the Seventh Circle of Hell, Lucifer’s very own domain.



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