Rob Zombie would like to chat with you about new horror ’31’, live Q&A announced


Recently Rob Zombie finally revealed what his new horror feature 31 was all about, and he also announced a crowd funding campaign to help get the film made. You can find all the details of the film and the campaign below, but today we have even more exciting news to share with you!

Zombie has announced a live Q&A, which will give fans the chance to pose their questions to him regarding the new horror film, plus no doubt you will be able to ask him about the reasons for choosing crowd funding to help make the film. All the details of the live Q&A are coming next.

The Press Release:

Rob Zombie announces a live video stream this Friday, August 8th, at 10am PT/1pm ET. He will be responding to questions and comments about his new movie, 31.

Go to to watch LIVE as Rob discusses everything concerning 31 and how you can be part of it.

You can ask questions on Twitter using the hashtag #RZ31, via Facebook under the Live Stream Launches Now post, or in the comments section at He’ll get to as many as he can.

After months of teasing fans with video clips and mysterious messages, Rob Zombie unveiled a crowdfunding campaign for his new film 31 at, offering up an incredible array of exclusive merchandise, one of a kind collectibles from past movies, original artwork, and unprecedented access to both the 31 movie set and his concerts.



Zombie has now come clean on his new horror, and boy does it sound exciting and (naturally being a Zombie film) very nasty indeed. 31 will also be created using a Kickstarter campaign, and for those Zombie fans wishing to make a donation, click here.

Here is what Zombie had to say about 31:

Welcome to my next film. It is called 31. It is the story of five random people kidnapped on the five days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World.

While trapped inside this man-made Hell they must fight to survive playing the most violent game known to man… a game called 31.

31 has no rules. 31 has no boundaries. It is ever so simple. Do whatever you can do to kill your opponent before they kill you. Keep this up for 12 hours and freedom is yours.

Who are the opponents? Well… a group of vile, filthy, blood-thirsty clowns known as THE HEADS. They come in all shapes and sizes and each grows nastier than the last.

What kind of film is this you ask? It is a fast paced, mean dirty film for those who like it rough. Get ready for a sick piece of celluloid! This is some hardcore business for the blood-thirsty gore hounds.

Get on board! Get involved! Be part of this horrifying business! The world of horror needs you!










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