Robert Englund applies Freddy Krueger makeup for one final farewell


Sadly Robert Englund is not returning to the role of Freddy Krueger in a new Nightmare on Elm Street feature, but the horror legend put on the makeup that made him a star one last time this weekend.

All in the name of charity, Englund appeared at Chicago’s 30th Anniversary Flashback Weekend as Freddy Krueger himself, and allowed fans to have their picture taken with him as the wisecracking, sadistic killer. Said to have been the first time ever that fans could have their picture taken with Englund in full Freddy outfit, special tickets could be purchased for the opportunity of a lifetime for horror fans. Money from this incredible event was raised for charity.

Effects supremo Robert Kurtzman, who worked on A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child and also New Nightmare, applied the Freddy makeup for Englund, and you can see an image of him with his face crafted into Freddy below.

For an even closer look, Fox 32 News Chicago was on hand to cover the event, and interview those involved. You can check out their three minute coverage, plus the image of Englund in Freddy makeup below.


FOX 32 News Chicago



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