The Pact’s Nicholas McCarthy nearly directed the remake of French horror ‘Livid’


French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury followed up their exceptionally nasty home invasion horror, Inside, with the equally excellent vampire feature, Livid. However, Livid was like no other vampire film, and while it was indeed proper scary, rather nasty and visually stunning, it was a highly confusing film which, in places, was a bit of a mess.

Saying that, it was a superb horror, and there is not likely to be anything quite like it ever again, or at least until the planned remake comes out. I had no idea there were plans for a remake, but it seems a US version of the nightmarish film is in the works, even though the original film is yet to be granted a proper US release.

Turns out that at one point Nicholas McCarthy was attached to helm the remake. McCarthy made the superb horror The Pact, and his new feature, At the Devil’s Door is looking just as magnificent, so if anyone was skilled enough to tackle the remake of Livid, he was certainly a good choice.

Speaking with The Complex about his new satanic horror, At the Devil’s Door, McCarthy talked about being attached to the Livid remake:

It was never announced that I was attached to it, but I was sure that it was going to be my third feature,” revealed McCarthy. “That was the movie, though, where I realized that you can never be sure about anything.”

“I’m learning that all of those cliches are true. The remake had a couple of really good producers and it was written by a guy named David Burke, who’s the guy who wrote 13 Sins, which also premiered at SXSW this year. He’s a genius and kind of took Julien and Alexandre’s movie and made some kind of sense of it but didn’t homogenize it in any way. I guess one of the reasons why I was so excited about it was that I’ve always wanted to do a vampire movie, and this was one that had a really insane third act twist.”

So what went wrong? “We thought it was all set to go, but then, you know, everything fell through,” McCarthy noted. “I’d still love to do it, but now I’m not formally attached to it anymore, which just means that that piece of paper has expired.”

The Livid remake has gone quiet, for now, but personally if a remake really needs to happen, then I am all for McCarthy directing.

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