This weeks Nintendo eShop update is for Ubisoft fans with tight purse strings


While there’s barely a dent made by this weeks new eShop titles, there’s plenty to choose from for gamers on a budget, with loads of Ubisoft titles on sale from this Thursday.

The following are available on the 3DS eShop from 14/08/14:

Mega Man 3 – Game Boy Virtual Console – £3.59

The dastardly Dr. Wily has taken control of an off-shore oil rig, aiming to drill to the centre of the Earth to collect energy for his latest invention. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and only Mega Man can stop it!

Assisted by cyber-canine Rush and robotic helper Eddie, you must progress through Dr. Wily’s fiendish fortress, battling various Robot Masters and collecting their weapons before facing the mad scientist and his ultimate creation!

Me & My Pets 3D – £24.99

All your favourite pets are happily waiting for you! Pamper them, offer them a comfortable home and entertain them with funny minigames.

Ubisoft have put some of their Wii U titles on sale, so from 14/08/14 there’s some great reductions on some top (and some not so top) titles.


Assassins Creed III is reduced to £7.99, with its sequel ACIV Black Flag also dropping in price to £9.99. Both are on sale until 28/08/14. The more youngster friendly Marvel’s Avengers: Battle for Earth and Rabbids Land are dropped to £7.99 each, with the much lauded Rayman Legends also on sale at £11.99. The terrifying Zombi U is marked down at a less scary £7.99, and stealth fans are in for a treat with Splinter Cell Blacklist cut to £9.99. And for those that way inclined, The Smurfs 2 is also reduced to £15.99. Just Dance 2014 is down to £9.99  for those wanting to get their groove on, and the visual beauty that is Child of Light is available for £7.99. All reductions last until 28/08/14.

Wales Interactive’s Gravity Badgers is reduced to £3.49 between 14/08/14 and 28/08/14, and with a name like that, its got to be worth a punt.

The next wave of NES Virtual Console titles have been reduced for owners of NES Remix 1 or 2 will be live from 14/08/14. The titles are as follows.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is down to £2.44, with Donkey Kong 3, Metroid, NES Open Tournament Golf, Balloon Fight, Pinball and Wrecking Crew all down to £1.74 until 21/08/14.

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