Vikings bring blood in full trailer for ‘Northmen: A Viking Saga’


The full length trailer has finally been revealed for Northmen: A Viking Saga, and we every piece of bloody violence for you below. Running at two minutes long, the trailer is a lot of fun if you enjoy some good old fashioned sword fighting, and the cast of characters all look particularly strong. The fights appear well put together, and the special effects are top notch. I predict this new Viking film is going to be rather excellent!

Directed by Claudio Fah, the film is released in Germany on 23rd October, with other markets to follow. Northmen stars an international cast: including Tom Hopper, Ryan Kwanten, Ken Duken, Charlie Murphy, James Norton with Ed Skrein, Anatole Taubman and Johan Hegg.


A gang of Viking marauders under the command of their young leader, Asbjörn, bear down on the coast of Britain, intent on pillaging Lindisfarne of its gold. But, caught in a vicious storm, their longboat is dashed to pieces on the rocks off Scotland. Trapped deep within enemy territory, the shipwrecked mens’ only chance of survival is to reach the safety of the Viking stronghold Danelag.

With only the enigmatic Conall, a monk who preaches with his sword to help them, they cut a bloody swath through anyone who gets in their way. But the journey becomes a race for their lives when the King of Scotland sends his most feared mercenaries, the Wolf Pack, after them. Traversing an unfamiliar and hostile land, they are pursued relentlessly. However the hunters become the hunted when the Vikings, eager for battle, set deadly traps and mercilessly decimate their pursuers one by one…




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