An insane pair of teaser trailers unleashed for Takashi Miike’s ‘As the Gods Will’


Formerly titled As God Says, Takashi Miike’s latest tale of madness has a new title of As the Gods Will, and with it comes two brand new teaser trailers. Both are totally insane, but the second one is especially mad! The lack of English subtitles make the teasers even more bonkers! Check them both out below.

As The Gods Will will be released in Japan on November 15th.

Written by Muneyuki Kanshiro and drawn by Akeji Fujimura, “As The Gods Will” was serialized in Kodansha Comic Magazine from March 2011 to November 2012 and has sold 1.5 million copies in paperback editions.

Sota Fukushi, who recently made his breakthrough in the NHK smash-hit “Amachan” drama series, will star as an ordinary teen whose world is suddenly turned upside down one day, as he and his classmates find themselves caught up in a game whose penalty is death.

Miike, whose 2012 hit “Lessons of the Evil” had a similar high teen-age body count, while earning $23 million at the Japanese B.O., described the story of the new pic as “They live, some heads roll, they run, blood sprays, they cry, they laugh and then they die – in other words, a fun movie.”

Based on a popular comic, which also sounds also similar to Cube, As The Gods Will is about teenagers forced to play a deadly game by unknown forces.

As The God Will is another feature based on a popular manga that is described on AsianWiki:
Shun Takahata (Sota Fukushi) is an ordinary high school student leading a boring life. His life long friend is Ichika Akimoto (Hirona Yamazaki).

One day, a teacher’s head explodes in class. Shun Takahata and his classmates are forced to play a game of death without knowing who, why or how.


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