Dario Argento confirms ‘The Sandman’ as his next horror, says it will be one of his best ever!


I think we can all agree that Italian master of horror, Dario Argento, will never reach the heights of films like Suspiria, Tenebrae, Deep Red, Inferno, Opera and Phenomena ever again. He has played with greatness over the past few decades, with films like The Stendhal Syndrome, Trauma and Sleepless proving the Giallo King has still got it, but sadly films like The Phantom of the Opera, The Card Player and even the confused but actually quite enjoyable Giallo have proved he is losing his touch. I didn’t think much of Mother of Tears, and I have heard that Dracula is awful, but this does not stop me getting excited about a new film from a true artist.

The Sandman was first talked about back in June when Iggy Pop was attached to star, and it was my understanding that at that point Argento was set to direct. However, the director (who has suddenly found a whole new love of social media) has confirmed on Facebook tonight that The Sandman will be his next film.

Per Argento’s Facebook page:

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be directing the film The Sandman !! The amazing team has given me full creative control and I plan on making this one of my best films ever!!! Go to  https://www.facebook.com/darioargentosthesandman to find out how you can become part of the project !!!

Claiming to make one of your greatest films ever when you have so many works of genius in your resume is a seriously bold statement, but do we think Argento is up to the task of reaching the astonishing brilliance of his early work? Time will tell I guess.

Here is the synopsis for The Sandman, courtesy of the official website:

THE SANDMAN tells the story of Nathan, a young student in the city who struggles to forget his childhood trauma at the hands of the serial killer dubbed “The Sandman”. Nathan killed The Sandman years ago, on Christmas Eve, after he witnessed the murder of his mother…until he sees the beautiful woman who lives in the apartment across the way dying at the hands of that same masked killer. This brutal murder plunges Nathan into an odyssey into the night country of his past, his dreams…and the buried secrets of The Sandman.




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