Indie horror legend Bill Oberst Jr to star in psychological thriller ‘Feast or Famine’


It’s always a pleasure to hear about a new genre film starring Bill Oberst Jr, and tonight we have the latest development in his ultra busy schedule. The star of countless indie horror films is about to embark on a psychological tale of madness in Feast or Famine. We have the first details below.

The Press Release:

After the apocalypse a grieving recluse is visited by a desperate woman who draws him out of his home and forces him to confront his inner turmoil.

Feast or Famine is a psychological thriller that personifies 21st century thinking: How many of us choose to believe lies on a daily basis because we find comfort in the safety of our boxes? We operate out of fear and are constantly choosing comfortable lies over the inconvenient truth.

The film is brought to you by Under Fire Studios, the award-winning producers of Killer Ink” Under Fire Studios is known for its gritty, psychological storytelling, relatable characters, and affinity for stellar teamwork.

Feast or Famine is written and directed by Lewis Leslie, and the assistant director/production manager is Melissa Bazis. It stars the deeply talented Bill Oberst, Jr., as Flynn, a mysterious visitor who warns Cole of the dangers of getting too close to Sasha. Andrew J. Katers plays Cole Nye, a loving husband turned recluse after his wife’s untimely death.

They will be surrounded by Colorado’s finest talent, including charismatic actress Amirah Lee Counts, who will play Sasha, the female lead. Rounding out the cast are the talented Kendra Buck, Jim LeVasseur, Lily Clibon, and Nissa Von Reiter.

The target release date is mid-2015.



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  1. Matt,

    I want to thank you and Horror Cult Films not only for this post re “Feast Or Famine,” but for your help in getting the word out last year at this time about Trevor Juenger’s arthouse/horror hybrid “Coyote.” Your review of the movie and the exposure that resulted was absolutely influential in getting “Coyote” a world-wide distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing. It will be unleashed on the public on Dec 16, and you are largely to blame 🙂

    best regards,

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