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Directed by Stephen Chiodo
Available on dual format and steelbook

After spotting a bright light fly past them in the sky whilst cuddling in the back of a car on a starry night, Debbie and Mike decides to go find the assumed ‘comet’ which they think has landed nearby. What they discover is not a comet but an alien spaceship in the shape of a big top circus tent, and the occupants are killer klowns from outer space who intend to kill everyone in town! With the help of police officer Dave, Debbie and Mike must stop the killer klowns before its too late!

Camp comedy-horror B-movie KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE is both a frightening and entertaining, fun-filled flick that has stood the test of time and is still impressive now as it would have been upon release over 25 years ago.

Focusing on a young couple, Debbie and Mike, and Debbie’s ex-lover (and copper) Dave, the trio are pit against a curious species from outer space – killer klowns. Clowns, to many folks, are a scary prospect to face, but nothing could prepare you for these klowns, who are both amusing in appearance but darkly sinister with it. The rubber costumes used in the film are put to terrific use to create a unique look for the klowns that hasn’t been replicated before or since. Taking on a caricature-like appearance, the klowns appear to be a joke but their sinister grin and staring eyes will make anyone feel uneasy, whether you’re afraid of clowns or not. To match their comedic appearance, the klowns are armed with confectionary-inspired weapons, such as a gun that shoots and wraps its victims in a candy-floss cocoon, a gun that blasts sticky popcorn onto the victims and the good ol’ fashioned custard pies. None of this looks or sounds harmful on first appearance, but when you see what happens to those who come into contact with the klowns armed with the sweet arsenal, you’ll soon think differently.

Debbie Stone, played by Suzanne Snyder, and Mike Tobacco (Grant Cramer), are your average college kids. They’re young and love to have fun, canoodling at the ‘top of the world’ hill where they and their friends are all ‘getting it on’ in the back of their cars – your typical American scene. But Debbie and Mike will have to put their nookie session on hold when they’re invaded by killer klowns. Fortunately, they have the help of level-headed young cop Dave Hanson (John Allen Nelson) who takes their account of killer klowns more seriously than the old-school, disgruntled, over-the-hill cop Curtis Mooney (John Vernon), but will the rest of the town?

With an awesome 80’s electric guitar infused title song by The Dickies complimenting both the title and end credits, and an hour and 30 minutes worth of brightly coloured sets, weapons and characters, KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE is a delicious treat from start to finish. You can tell the Chiodo brothers had so much fun making the film which in turns makes it an absolute joy for the audience to watch. The special effects, costume and set designs are impeccable, and with a rumoured sequel in the works, I only hope they stick with the practical FX that worked so well, rather than opt for CGI.

KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE has been given new life in a dual format and steelbook release from cult distributor Arrow Film. The film satisfies both horror fans and comedy fans, with an equal dose of both, and is an absolute entertaining blast to watch with the red-nosed, big shoed klowns taking over the town. Loaded with extras, from a booklet with movie clown analysis from Joel Harley, to the special features on the disc which will satisfy any Killer Klowns fan. There’s blooper reels, audition tapes, making-of featurettes, klown design featurettes, interviews with the cast and crew, image galleries and commentary, just to name a few. The movie itself has been given a High definition digital transfer which I found to be very crisp and clear, and is accompanied by solid 2.0 stereo audio. With such an abundance of extras and the HD transfer, the Arrow release is an absolute must-buy for fans.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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