Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass returning for ‘Bourne 5’!!!

Film Title: The Bourne Ultimatum

In the past Matt Damon has said he would only return to the Bourne franchise is Paul Greengrass was directing, while Greengrass has expressed interest in returning as director only if Damon returned. There have also been issues over where Damon’s Bourne goes next, with Greengrass himself stating that now that Jason Bourne had regained his memory, there was no place to take the character.

Deadline is now confirming that Universal are bringing back both director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon for a fifth Bourne film, and their third film together.  It seems the story issues have been sorted, and Bourne 5 looks likely to take the July 16th 2016 release date pencilled in by Universal for an untitled Bourne film earlier this year. Originally this date was expected to be for Bourne 4, the sequel to the Jeremy Renner Bourne film, The Bourne Legacy.

Deadline reports that both Universal and any of their reps would not comment on the rumour.

Damon’s three Bourne movies, which began in 2002 and ended in 2007, grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide at the box office.

Per Deadline:

I’m told that the studio is so bullish on this that the intention is to make the reteam the next Bourne film to go into production to make the July 16, 2016, release slot that Universal had previously assigned to an untitled Bourne film. That means it would step in front of the spinoff sequel that is to reprise Jeremy Renner and be directed by Fast & Furious architect Justin Lin. That film, which began with the Tony Gilroy-directed The Bourne Legacy, remains in development. I thought its premise— Renner plays one of several genetically altered assassins, all of whom are targeted for death — was smart and satisfying on its own. Universal intends to continue that series and to broaden its franchise base, much the way that Marvel cranks out superhero films.

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