‘Paranormal Activity 5’ gets new release date and a ghostly new title


While Paranormal Activity Activity 4 was a huge let down after the brilliance of the third film, the franchise scored a pretty decent spin-off with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. I was very impressed, and hopefully if the franchise has guts, it will continue branching out with creative ideas like the Hispanic spin on The Marked Ones.

However, the series has been threatening a official fifth film for some time now, and there were even rumblings earlier this year that the film would be with us in time for Halloween this year.

Paramount have now confirmed that that is not the case, and the official fifth Paranormal Activity film is now set to arrive in US cinemas (with the UK following shortly after) on 20th February 2015.

The new found footage horror even has a brand new title, say hello to Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension!

The new title suggests another possible spin-off instead of the official fifth film we have been waiting for, but as there are no details to share other than the title, release date, writer and director, we will have to wait for an official synopsis to explain if this will indeed be the official fifth film, or another spin-off.

Gregory Plotkin makes his directorial debut with Paranormal Activity 5, and Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark have written the screenplay.

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