The Walking Dead gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment (again), so take a look and have some laughs


If you have never seen a Bad Lip Reading video, then get yourself on Youtube and check them out. The idea is genius, and the delivery is spot on as well known TV shows and films are given “the treatment” based on how reading lips could interpret what the characters are saying.

While yes the idea is gimmicky and done for a huge amount of fun, there is a unique and very talented skill at work to get these videos so well made, with barely an error in sight. It’s awesome stuff, and The Walking Dead have been targeted yet again as Season Four gets a really funny video below.

The highlight for me is the argument between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman). If you have seen the series, then you will know that the argument in the courtyard was over some pretty nasty shit, but here it has been changed into fight over apples and dolphins. Genius!



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