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Donovan’s Echo, starring Lethal Weapon’s Danny Glover is a slick fantasy thriller about a physicist who has lived with 30 years of guilt over the death of his wife and child. When he starts to see events unfold that echo his own tragic loss he tries to unlock the pattern before its too late.

The film is available to download now on iTunes, Blinkbox, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Xbox Video and Filmflex, and to celebrate the release, we have an iTunes voucher worth £13.99 for a download of Donovan’s Echo up for grabs.

Donovan Matheson (Danny Glover) is a man trapped in the past. Once an esteemed physicist, he worked on the Manhattan Project but in the years that followed, he became engulfed in regret, which soon turned into an obsession with finding a way to use his work to do good. When his wife and child died in an accident Donovan blamed himself and his work for failing to stop it from happening. Thirty years on, Donovan returns to his home town, but instead of a welcome return he finds himself plagued by déjà vu and caught up in events that echo his family’s tragedy. He fears his young neighbour and her mother are doomed to die on the anniversary of his family’s deaths, but whilst he tries to unlock the pattern and decipher the puzzle linking past and present, the local police question his sanity. Is he losing his mind, or running out of time?

For your chance to win the iTunes voucher download of Donovan’s Echo, simply comment below telling us which is your favourite Danny Glover film and why?

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Friday 10th October 2014 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 12 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 1 winner will win 1x iTunes voucher (RRP £13.99) for download of Donovan’s Echo

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  1. It has to be the Lethal Weapon series of films because of the great way he builds his relationships (both at work and at home) into something so believable.

  2. The colour purple, what a poignant film. had me in tears! the Actors were great, Danny Glovers character was horrible & mean (Albert), really was great acting on his part. 😆

  3. silverado. great stab by lawrence kasdan at updating the western genre to the 80s, really a lot of fun. that was the film where glover first really nailed down his on-screen persona too. didn’t do very well at the box office and pretty much forgotten now though, which is a shame.

  4. lethal weapon because even though it was one of the biggest film he was known for also his acting was great in it.He was partnered with Mel gibson but i think his acting was the better of the two.

  5. I loved the Lethal weapon series too. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover just bounce off each other, making a great (if unlikely) partnership.

  6. The ‘Lethal Weapon’ series. I really miss those guys…why did Mel Gibson have to go and scr*w his career up? 🙁

  7. Lethal Weapon was awesome, but a rather predictable answer… Not seen him in much else, so I’ll have to check out some of these other suggestions!

  8. The Color Purple because it was a courageous and entertaining film that pushed a few boundaries and pricked a few consciences.

  9. Lethal Wepon i remember watching it with my dad on the tv and being so engrossed in everything i refused to go to the toilet till it ended lol

  10. It has to be leathal Weapon as it’s one of those movies that you look back and can watch over and over without getting bored of it.It has good humour too and a good Christmassy nostalgic feel.

  11. Lethal Weapon because of the interaction between him and Mel Gibson. They were a classic duo who made the film fun and exciting.

  12. lethal weapon
    film was filmed well and the actors were amazing , really believed it felt like you was there not just watching it on a screen

  13. Predator 2 – There were so many Easter Eggs (Alien Skull, Pirate gun…etc) that added tp the Alien/Predator mythlogy and it just added greater depth to an already great film.

  14. Predator 2 – another great action film for Danny Glover, proving that he actually wasn’t too old for this……..kind of movie 😉

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