Young French director gets ‘Hostile’ with frightening first trailer


French filmmaker Nathan Ambrosioni is just fifteen years old, yet he has just made his first horror feature, and the first trailer for Hostile has now been unleashed.

The trailer is actually looking very impressive, and considering the directors age, it looks extremely mature, and very effective. You can count me very intrigued to see if the film is as good as the trailer promises.

Hostile is directed by Nathan Ambrosioni, and the cast includes Julie Venturelli, Luna-Miti Belan, Lucie Donier, Shelley Ward, Anatolia Allieis, Julien Croquet, Magaly Gouyon, Didier Beaumont, Sarah Robert, Danielle di Sandro, Mallow Garcia, Richard Carré, Elona Hec, and Vanessa Azzopardi.


Meredith, who could never have children, decides to have two teenage girls stay in her magnificent estate. But since arriving, something is wrong. She contacts SOS Adoption, a small local television station whose goal is to help families. Unfortunately all efforts fail, especially when reporters discover that someone else in the house. But is this really the outside world that is after them? Or does the danger not come from outside but from within?


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