AFM: First poster for creature feature ‘The Loch’ proves there’s something in the water


The American Film Market kicks off in a few weeks, and already little bits of interesting news are beginning to find their way on-line. Tonight we have a really cool poster to share with you for an upcoming monster horror called The Loch.

Simon Duric (art department on The Woman in Black, Prometheus and Dracula Untold) makes his feature film debut with the creature feature, and based on its first poster (below) it will be a great addition to the genre.

Even more exciting is that James Watkins (The Woman in Black, Eden Lake) co-writes with Duric, and superb Scottish actor Peter Mulan stars.


On the face of it Michael McKidd seems to have the perfect life: a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, a successful business – all the trappings of success. Every year Michael and his business partner, Andy French, and their families go away together on holiday: lazy summer days spent relaxing on a shared boat out on the beautiful Lochs of Scotland.

But this year the happy facade will crumble. His once successful business is on the brink of collapse, and unbeknownst to Michael, his wife is having an affair with Andy. Bonding and friendship are replaced by angst and friction as rising tensions begin to surface.

Events on the boat eventually come to a head, and Michael, rocked by this bombshell, finally cracks: The cheating, the lies, his failing business, and money problems all become too much. But the arguments are interrupted by something rising from the depths… something relentless, intent on stalking and terrorizing everyone on board. As their lives are ripped apart by dark forces beyond their control, a bloody struggle for survival ensues, and Michael must fight to save his family from what lies beneath.



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