Alexandre Aja wears a ‘Wedding Gown’ for his new psychological thriller


If you are a horror fan, then you should know the name Alexandre Aja. The French director has given us such delights as Switchblade Romance, The Hills Have Eyes remake, Piranha remake and also the Daniel Radcliffe starring Horns, which is released in the UK on Wednesday. While the director is currently working on a new feature called The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Bloody Disgusting have discovered he is currently in pre-production on a new psychological thriller called Wedding Gown.

Aja wrote the film with Jon Croker (The Woman in Black: Angel of Death) and Maxime Giffard. Wedding Gown is based on the book by critically acclaimed writer Pierre Lemaitre. Wedding Gown, from Aja’s Alexandre Films, is described as a cruel fable about vengeance and manipulation in a world where we watch face our own personal evil.

While no other details are known regarding the films cast, here is the synopsis for Wedding Gown, which I am sure will grab your attention!


A child on the verge of tears. A woman’s hand, impatient, brutal. Sophie: The babysitter. Now the child lays dead. Did she kill him? A woman who’s losing her mind, her life spinning out of control, is followed by death wherever she goes. Only a year ago she was a fulfilled woman, a sharp art analyst, and a happy wife surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends. So how did she come to this? What sort of madness overtook her? Or was it manipulation? In search of a new identity to escape a string of deaths, Sophie is followed by an enigmatic man- Peter. This mysterious person seems to know a great deal about her. Way too much, in fact…

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