Frank Grillo to go ‘Beyond Skyline’ in sci-fi sequel?


Tough guy actor Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Warrior, The Grey) is said to be taking the lead role in upcoming sci-fi sequel, Beyond Skyline.

While I was not a fan of the original Skyline, which was directed by The Brothers Strause, if Grillo is indeed playing the lead in the sequel, then that is a good enough reason to watch it in my book. Grillo brings a real tough guy persona to his films, and makes them edgy and exciting, something that was painfully lacking in the first Skyline film.

The news has been reported by Latin Review.

News of Beyond Skyline first arrived out of Cannes earlier this year, and confirmed that The Brothers Strause were not returning to direct. Instead the directing reigns are being handed over to Skyline producer and co-writer Liam O’Donnell, who will be making his directorial debut.

While a poster was released for the sequel, no plot details have yet been released, however Latin Review are saying that Beyond Skyline’s story will take place at exactly the same time as the original film.



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