For me Del Toro can’t really do anything wrong as a filmmaker, every one of his films I’ve enjoyed immensely, so I’m always excited to hear any news of projects he’s directing or just involved with. The animated The Book Of Life benefitted greatly from his influence, and next up we have Crimson Peak, which marks his return to horror and stars Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, and Charlie Hunnam in what is describes as a ‘gothic romance’. The director briefly found some time during a press day promoting the YouTube Space House of Horrors that he’s been involved with for the past few months to talk to Collider.c0m just a little about it.

Where are you in post for Crimson Peak and how are you feeling about it?

We finished a first assembly. I t was still very early on the effects, about 20%. Then we did another set of revisions based on what I learned in that screening. And in the next month or so we are going to start getting into the final form and will deliver the movie around the end of January or beginning of February. And then the movie opens seven months later in October.

Aesthetically would you say it’s different than what you’ve done before? I’m hearing so many things about the look of the film.

I tried to make it painterly. I tried to make it so that the set design, wardrobe design and cinematography felt of a piece. But at the same time, very modern looking. I keep joking that it’s Technicolor “in camera” because the lights and colour palette and the wardrobe and the sets allowed me to achieve a very colour saturated look that feels very much like Technicolor gothic. But at the same time we’re using a very classical gothic romance structure that I think visually is very bold and very refined and carefully designed, but it’s all part of the storytelling of a very classical genre.

Any updates on Pacific Rim 2 and 3?

Yeah I’m working with Zak Penn on the screenplays and with Travis Beacham and we’re slowly going bit by bit. I don’t think we’ll have a working screenplay until March or April and then by May or June we start pre-production.

Well he’s certainly taking his time with Crimson Peak, but I have little doubt I will be worth the effort, and maybe it will be the box office smash he’s never quite had but surely deserves.

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