LATEST FILM NEWS: FFS……Not Again!!! Rumours circle that Spider-Man is getting a re-boot

Surely this can not be serious?

But rumours are gathering that after the disappointment of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, SONY are looking to re-boot the entire franchise once more, which means a new story and also bye bye Andrew Garfield.

Reports are suggesting that SONY will use the upcoming SINISTER SIX movie to introduce a brand new Spider-man.  The studio have already abandon plans for a third film in the “new franchise” and are allegedly in talks with MARVEL to let the character join up with THE AVENGERS.

What we know so far if the rumours are true, is that they have scrapped the idea of a VENOM film but are still interested in a Spider-Woman spin off.   While the SINISTER SIX film itself is to be pushed back to 2018.

The idea is to give Spider-man a break and then reboot the character for the third time!

How will fans take to yet another fresh take on this web crawler remains to be seen……but at the moment this all just rumours, even though SONY themselves hasn’t denied them!……………..


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