LEAKED: Rumours Surface That a Female Robin Is In Dawn Of Justice….and guess who is playing her?


Rumours are circling the internet tonight that Robin WILL be in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and there is also a name attached to the role.

That person is non other than

Jena Malone…..  who starred in Zack Snyder’s 2011 hit Sucker Punch.   She has been seen spotted on set, wearing a red hair do which matches the “Robin” of the Frank Miller Comic Book Classic The Dark Knight Returns….a material which this film is heavily influenced on.

Warner Bros have so far refused to say who Jena Malone is playing, but an insider….well an Extra on the film has more or less confirmed that the new film will have a female Robin….and so many are putting 2 and 2 together…..

Many know Robin as the Dick Grayson character but in the legendary story by Miller…..Carrie Kelly took over the sidekick role.

More on this when we get it…….


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