Marvel updates: No solo Hulk movie planned, Dr Strange casting, Black Panther to debut in Captain America 3 plus lots more!


Kevin Feige made some huge announcements for Marvel’s future plans today, and you can read more on that and what films will be heading your way in Phase Three here.

However, now that the films have been revealed, and they are very exciting, we can now take a moment to listen to Feige’s follow up comments, revealing even more about the future films of Marvel, and also giving fans a slight disappointment too.

First up is the much talked about solo Hulk movie, and sadly, it appears that there are still no plans for The Hulk to return in his own stand-alone feature, which is a real shame. There have been rumours of the Planet Hulk story following on from possibly The Avengers: Age of Ultron, or even The Avengers 3 (which we have now discovered is titled Infinity War and will be split into two films), and then subsequently leading into the World War Hulk story, but these don’t seem to be on Feige’s wishlist right now.

When asked about a Hulk solo movie, Feige said there were no plans, but confirmed that Mark Ruffalo has signed on for the next two Avengers films:

“Mark Ruffalo is on board for all those films,” said Feige. “We’d love to find a place to put it, but right now Hulk will be appearing with his friends.”


Next up is the news that Black Panther will have his stand-alone movie released on 3rd November 2017. However, before that, he will make his debut appearing in Captain America: Civil War, which will be released on 6th May 2016. Feige addressed the question of leaking who will play Black Panther. It was announced that Chadwick Boseman (Get On Up) will be playing the role, something Feige is extremely pleased did not leak prior to today’s revealing:

“I think there’s always been speculation on a lot of different characters for Black Panther but I’m glad that didn’t leak in earnest the way every single other actor in human history of a certain age has been for Doctor Strange. Like everything else that will be announced…later this afternoon? This week? Next month? Sometime before the release of the movie in November 2016,” he said.

While on the subject of casting, Feige seemed quite annoyed at all the speculation on who will be playing Dr Strange, and would not confirm if indeed Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the part:

If it were confirmed we would have introduced him today,”

Back to Captain America: Civil War, Feige also said teased that the “Civil War” is the “Civil War of the cinematic universe, which will be greatly inspired by the Civil War of the comic universe, but we have very different continuity there,” he said. “This will be the Civil War based off of all the other films that you’ve seen up to this point, particularly Winter Soldier and particularly Age of Ultron.”

Speaking of Captain Marvel, Feige promised that no casting announcements would be coming any time soon, but confirmed that:

The initial announcements in terms of announcements for that film will be writer announcements and director announcements, which I expect will be quite soon. In terms of the actress, I think there’s more time on that,”

black widow2

Many Marvel fans have been crying out for a Black Widow stand-alone movie too, yet Feige seemed adamant that this will not happen in the near future, but he did confirm that Black Widow plays a huge part in both Avengers sequels:

Frankly, it’s about bringing new characters to the screen. Black Widow couldn’t be more important as an Avenger herself,” he said. “Her part in Avengers: Age of Ultron is very, very big and further develops and further enhances her character. The plans we have for her throughout the rest of the Avengers saga is very, very big. A lynchpin, in fact, to those films. So instead of taking her out, instead of doing a prequel, which we haven’t done yet, we’re continuing the forward momentum and continuity of the cinematic universe of which Widow is a key, key part.”


There was very little to offer fans about Inhumans, but we have been promised “some Easter eggs sooner than you might expect”.

Finally there was talk of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Feige clearly has a plan for this which he is not willing to share, but instead offered up clues in the following statement:

The great thing about the Guardians series is there are no lack of awesome characters that we can do fun things with,” he said. “Is Groot gonna be small? Is Groot gonna be big? Is Cosmo going to come back? Will he speak? What’s that duck doing after he took that swig? Where’s the Collector?” He promises he’ll be going over with writer-director James Gunn soon.


Moving on to Thor: Ragnarok, Collider dished some juicy details on the key film of Phase Three, which will directly follow The Avengers: Age of Ultron and its said to be game changing finale (a finale which gave Robert Downey Jr chills, apparently):

In the Marvel Comics, the name “Ragnarok” references a character who is a cyborg clone of Thor. The key piece of info that might tell us why this is the storyline that picks up after the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron is the origin of Ragnarok. In the comics, the real Thor goes missing in action and is presumed dead. Tony Stark subsequently uses one of Thor’s hairs (that he just happens to have) and, with the help of Ant Man Hank Pym, is able to clone Thor’s DNA and fuse it with Stark technology.

So, with Ragnarok being the subtitle of Thor 3, might we assume that Hemsworth’s character faces grave danger in Age of Ultron, turning up missing or quite possibly dead by the end of the film? Obviously we don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like a massive stretch of the imagination, especially since Ultron will see Stark pushing his technology to the limit in terms of creating an evil robot.

In the comics, Stark uses this clone Thor to fight for him during the Civil War storyline, which finds Stark and Steve Rogers on opposing sides of a battle over the registration and oversight of superheroes. Civil War just so happens to be the subtitle of Captain America 3, which will co-star Robert Downey Jr., so it’s all connected.

Both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have been confirmed to return for Thor: Ragnarok.

If you want to hear the full Q&A with Kevin Feige, then the full video can be seen next:


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