LATEST FILM: Aunt May set for SPIDER-MAN spin off???

You could say that all this Superhero films and the genre itself is becoming like the Slash boom from the 80’s.  Fans must be getting a bit tired of all these sequels, reboots and basically all an overwhelming surge of film after film of someone with powers saving the day.

To milk the genre even further, its being rumoured that SONY are  considering a spin off from Spider-Man with Aunt May of all people in the limelight.  Yes you read that right….AUNT MAY!!!

Now before everyone shouts “WTF”…there is a real reason behind it.  In 2oo3,  Mark Millar, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson’s created a legendary comic book called “TROUBLE” which centred around the young May Parker and revealed that she was really Spider-Man’s biological mother.

The word is that this film will see May as a young woman in an  ‘espionage’ caper.  Make of that what you will!

If this is true and with SINISTER SIX being the next Spidey theme film from the studio, then expect that and this film to tie in will the new rumours that we may see a brand new Spider-man in a couple of years…..

Ross Hughes


Ross Hughes
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