Totally insane trailer lands for Dabbe directors ‘Magi’, be afraid!


If you have ever seen any of the crazy Turkish horror franchise known as Dabbe, then you will know exactly what director Hasan Karacadag is capable of. He puts on screen no holds barred horror that is more than willing to take things to the next level, and deliver fear that is unlike anything else you have ever seen.

In my opinion the first Dabbe film is one of the most terrifying films of the noughties, and hearing that Karacadag has now made a brand new horror film, starring American actors, is extremely exciting news.

The first teaser trailer for Magi has just landed, and it is every bit insane and utterly crazy as I suspected, and I trust you will check it out below, you will not be disappointed.

Magi is written and directed by Hasan Karacadag, and the cast includes Michael Madsen, Stephen Baldwin, Brianne Davis and Dragan Micanovic.


The story revolves around an American woman relocated to Istanbul, where she works as an English teacher, and her journalist sister slowly coming to realize that all may not be as it seems with her new baby.




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