TV: ‘Broadchurch Series 2’ airs this January, and here’s four teaser trailers


Last year ITV struck TV gold with the stunning, haunting series Broadchurch, and even though the plan was to only make one season, reviews were so strong and viewing numbers so big, a second season had to be made.

Returning to ITV in January, the second season has now released its first set of teaser trailers, and they all add a new layer of mystery to the chilling story.

Two of the teaser’s feature a camera hovering over the sea and the now hugely recognizable cliffs of West Bay, Dorset. However, the other two teasers feature David Tennant as D.I. Alec Hardy proclaiming “there was a boy, and he was killed. I caught the killer. So why am I still here?”

DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) features in another teaser, pleading “there was a boy, and he was killed.What happened then destroyed my family, my job, and my town. So what do I do now?”

All teasers hint at the wonderful music that accompanied the series, and really added depth to the haunting atmosphere.

It’s all pretty chilling stuff, and proves that the horrific events of the first season have not been forgotten, and continue to haunt the quiet seaside town of Broadchurch.

I am so excited to see this dazzling series return, so check out the four teasers below to get a taste of what’s to come. Thankfully ITV are continuing to keep the synopsis secret.


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