British crime thriller ‘Hyena’ unleashes brutal and stunning trailer


A new British crime thriller is heading to our cinemas on 6th March 2015, and today we have the first rather amazing trailer for it. Directed by Gerard Johnson, director of the ambitious serial killer tale Tony, Hyena boasts are very strong cast, promises of ultra violence and a well worn but always exciting story, Hyena really does look the business.

The first trailer is brutal, incredibly intense and really does look magnificent. Often there are wannabe British gangster flicks that come across as desperate and too cocky for their own good, trying so hard to be the next Lock, Stock with their dialogue, or the next big violent epic. Many have failed, and every once in a while a new British thriller comes along that really does look cool, thrilling and menacing in a way only British cinema can pull off. Hyena looks to be that film, the next gangster film to raise the bar and set a new standard, and if you don’t believe me then just check out the stunning trailer below.

Hyena is written and directed by Gerard Johnson, and the fantastic cast includes Boardwalk Empire’s Stephen Graham, Kill List and Eutopia’s Neil Maskell, Starred Up and A Field in England’s Peter Ferdinando and Game of Thrones’ Richard Dormer.


Pic revolves around anti-hero Michael Logan (Ferdinando), a natural predator, and a complex mix of high-functioning addict and corrupt police officer, whose dark world is evolving. A recent influx of ruthless Albanian gangsters is threatening to change London’s criminal landscape. Logan’s razor sharp instincts have always kept him one step ahead, but now his increasingly self-destructive behavior and the sheer brutality of the new gang lords find him in a spiraling descent of fear and self-doubt.




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