JJ Abrams producing secret new ‘Cloverfield’ type sci-fi for Sony


Back in 2008 Matt Reeves introduced himself to the world with his spectacular found footage monster film, Cloverfield, and while the film was incredible, the build up to the film was just as exciting. A secret project which JJ Abrams produced, the marketing for Cloverfield was genius, with fans having to dig through clues to figure out just what the hell it was.

Abrams attempted to reproduce that magic with Super 8, and once again it worked, but just didn’t quite have the impact Cloverfield did. However, as fans all know, Abrams is the master of secrecy and now he is at it again, with another sci-fi feature with involves aliens.

Deadline reported that Abrams has sold a top secret new sci-fi film to Sony which he will produce with his Bad Robot company. Nothing is known about the film other than it involves aliens, has a Cloverfield feel to it, and has a contained budget.

First time feature film director Chris Alender is directing the film, and if you want a taste of what he can produce, then check out his short film Eye of the Storm below.

According to the report, Paramount failed to move quick enough on this so Abrams took it elsewhere, and after a heated bidding war including Lionsgate and STX, Sony Pictures won.

Director Alender cut together a sizzle reel that accentuated the inventive things the film brings to the genre; he created a digital look book that explained the visuals of the movie and he even made a five-minute teaser scene that was an action-heavy precursor to this film.

We will have more on this as it develops.

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