Collider have just released an interview with The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies star Richard Armitage in which he talks about what he always remembers about making these films, some of his deleted scenes that will make their way into the Extended Cut, what he would ask J. R. R. Tolkien, [who is probably rolling in his grave at these movies], embarrassing moments from the set, and the world premiere after party. It’s pretty interesting, especially since Armitage’s character Thorin Oakenshield provided the film with some of its few really good moments. A shame the journalist doesn’t ask him what he thinks went so wrong with this very disappointing [though actually I’m not sure ‘disappointing’ is the right word, maybe ‘misconceived’ would be better] trilogy that almost ruins what Peter Jackson achieved with his The Lord Of The Rings films.


Elsewhere, Hitflix talked to Evangeline Lilly who played Tauriel, the elf who falls for a dwarf and who is a totally pointless character invented by the screenwriters. Created as a kind of action heroine and inspired, perhaps, by that un-used footage of Arwen at Helm’s Deep intended for The Two Towers, Lilly seems a bit disappointed in how things turn out.

“I thought I would be doing a hell of a lot more fighting than I did. Tauriel saw next to no action. She killed a couple of orcs on her way to save [spoiler] and that was it.”

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies is in cinemas right now and topping the box office charts.

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  1. Pointless? She added much needed heart to the story. She was pretty much the only elf who gave a damn about the dwarves. I think some people are getting a little too cynical.

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