Badass Digest have revealed some information about the story to Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, especially about the parts concerning Superman, though the information is taken from a script that was completed one month before production on the film, so things could change a bit. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!

Apparently the film fast forwards two years after the events of Man Of Steel [though Batman apparently arrives in Metropolis during the Superman/Zod rumble], with Clark Kent living with Lois Lane and working at The Daily Planet. The scope gets more international with Superman stepping into an incident in the Middle East, but, viewed as a U.S. citizen stepping on other people’s turf, he’s not particularly warmly greeted by certain corners of the globe. He’s not even yet trusted by Batman, who apparently develops some weapons to fight the powerful Kryptonian. However, when trouble comes, he’s there to do his duty, telling one villain in particular, “I won’t snap your neck, I’m going to take you to prison” Later on, when he battles Doomsday, Superman moves the fight away from crowded areas.

Now the latter two points are interesting because they seem to address two of the biggest complaints made about Man Of Steel: that Superman killed, and that he didn’t seem to care about collateral damage when be battled Zod and co. I personally thought Man Of Steel was a dreadful movie in nearly every respect, from its direction to its script to its cinematography to its score, so the filmmakers of the sequel have a long way to go before I can actually get excited about it, but this is two steps in the right direction.

Meanwhile, it seems, unfortunately, that Lois Lane and Wonder Woman won’t fight in the film. Amy Adams told ComingSoon:

“I don’t know how it will turn out, if we’re going to be competition, but we are not in this, I can safely say, and we’re not in real life”./

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice drops on March 25, 2016.

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